Sleek & intuitive patient forms

Gone are the days of boring old web forms with patients having to trudge through pages upon pages to complete their information. FutureDent gives patients a hub for their information they can easily and intuitively update!

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registration and consent forms


Go Paperless!

Due to COVID-19, one of the offices we worked with had said that many of the new patients asked if they could be emailed the registration forms ahead of time so that they wouldn’t have to fill out anything in the office. With FutureDent, patient will be able to complete everything on their own device at home – whether that’s Android, iPhone, iPad, or Web!

In the clinic, instead of running around the office grabbing consent forms from the front office or an operatory drawer – now you can hand the patient an iPad or Android tablet so that they can fill out their consent forms. Patients can even fill out consent forms from their own device to prevent additional disinfection!


Easily switch between languages

The program can easily switch between Spanish and English, but other languages can be added if needed!


Streamlined process with a sleek and intuitive interface

  • The patient experience is kept in mind and the form populates through button clicks and other easy-to-use sections rather than one daunting free-text form

  • All information can be completed ahead of the visit, in the waiting room, or in the operatory and will save into a PDF that can easily be attached to the patient’s electronic file or printed
reduce clutter and paper waste

simplify your workflow


Thorough medical history can quickly be taken as patients can use dropdown menus to complete their history. The number of conditions selected are then easily visible to the side.

Auto-filled addresses

The address field auto suggests addresses using Google Maps for pharmacy and home address to make input faster.

auto-suggested medications

The most commonly prescribed medications along with their brand names are auto suggested in the medications form so that patients do not have to remember the exact name and it can reduce errors.

Quickly Add Family Members

When additional family members are added, the common information is copied over so that phone, address, etc do not have to be rewritten

Reduce Repetition

Patients are able to see a summary of their information and can quickly update any changes during periodic exams without having to refill everything out


All identifiable customer data is encrypted using AES, an encryption algorithm that even the US government trusts for their data

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FutureDent App vs Paper
"As a dentist, having to look through a cluttered page trying to find what medical conditions and allergies a patient had or what medications they scribbled down could take some time, but now with the FutureDent, having the summary page highlight those instead of having to scan through all the entries has made my workflow so much easier! It definitely beats having the assistants use a highlighter!"
Dr. Samin Huque
Samin Huque D.D.S.
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