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Hometown: Houston, Texas

Bachelor of Business Administration with Highest Honors – Management Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin

The MIS coursework generally used VB.NET and ASP.NET, but Huck transitioned more towards Android (Java and Kotlin) while developing for HackTX and personal projects. Currently he is working with Dart/Flutter in order to rapidly develop for iOS/Android/Web. 


Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Bachelor of Science – Biology, University of California at Los Angeles

Working as an analyst for Cedars Sinai hospital, Collins utilizes Tableu to create reports and visualizations for medical administration and providers. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin in order to utilize more complex algorithms and statistical techniques to demonstrate trends in data.

Our Vision

FutrSolutions seeks to make innovative, complex, and creative technology solutions available to small and large businesses alike. We have a passion for continuous learning and advancement – and we want to bring the fruits of the synergy of all that knowledge to you!

We’d like to include this because it is important to us: Our personal visions are to fix the food supply chain and redirect the massive food waste and distribution problem to families in need. We want to bring jobs, housing, and support to people stuck in homelessness. Please let us know if you have any connections to help us deliver this solution to our communities.

Our Mission

Our mission at FutrSolutions is to help our clients discover inefficiencies in their businesses, develop solutions, and stimulate raving customers.

Many small business owners have honed their craft and could take their business to the next level with creative tech solutions but are unable to due to many demanding and competing projects and tasks at hand. FutrSolutions seeks to ease that burden by bringing our expertise and passion for website design, mobile application development, data visualization with Excel and Tableu, machine learning integrations, front-end and back-end development, and other skills to facilitate workflows, improve business efficiency, and make your customers thrilled.

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