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Clinic Productivity Dashboard

Clinic Productivity Visualization Dashboard

Due to rising number of last minute cancellations by patients, the clinic director of a federally qualified health care center requested a dashboard that would allow for easy visualization of the clinic’s overall productivity. The number of patients seen by each provider was input each day into the Excel document (which was later migrated to Google Sheets to allow for collaboration and more ease of access by the staff). Then the graphs would automatically update to show the comparison of the productivity against the to-date and month goal. The sheet was programmatically made to update the colors to orange if the productivity was below 75%, blue to between 75% and 95%, and green if above 95%.

Flight + Vacation Cruise Cost Analysis

Many young people just want to travel somewhere on a budget but don’t particularly care where the destination is and can be more flexible with the dates to snag the best deal. An Excel pivot table was used to facilitate the visualization of a multitude of variables – departure location vs departure date vs number of days on cruise vs price. Since the X and Y axises were already taken by the departure date and departure location compounded with number of days on the cruise respectively, another way was needed to allow for the Z axis – the price – to easily be evaluated. This was done by adding conditional formatting to create a color gradient that would differentiate the higher and lower prices.

Flight Vacation Cruise Pivot Table Analysis

Reduction of Tedious, Repetitive Work with Visual Basic Macros After Data Scraping

I had used bodybuilding.com app for 3 years to log my progress on different excercises. I wanted to graphically visualize these changes over time but there was no way to do that from the site or app. There also was no way to export the data. I had to scrape the data into Excel. There were 6,739 exercises logged and there were hundreds of web pages to go through. Visual basic code was used in order to automate the tedious repetition it would take to trim out the irrelevant data and organize the data neatly.

We use Excel for a variety of use cases, from evaluating for the best value car on Craigslist when I was moving to Hawaii to choosing an AirBnB during travels.

Hawaii Cars Craiglist Analysis

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