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Past Personal Projects

SMS Frequency Calculator and Translation

Developed an Android application that would analyze the user’s text message history to create a customized vocabulary list. This would then be translated into the language the user wishes to learn. The end result is higher efficiency at learning the most important words the specific individual will be using on a day to day basis.

Periodic Image Capture For Medical Research

Developed an Android application that would serve as a tool for toxicity testing and measuring drug potency. The images automatically upload into the user’s Dropbox account and are directly accessible when image processing is needed.

Finalist (Top 10 out of 64 groups) at HackTX, the biggest Hackathon in Texas with over 650 participants.

Gem Crasher Language Learning Game

Utilized Unity3D to make a game with the goal of “making language learning mindless.” 

Created a web-based educational game in the style of popular platform games to teach vocabulary.


Restructured the center’s Access database into a more user-friendly and scalable responsive website with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end.

Penguin Airlines: Simulated Airline Website

Developed an online flight reservation system in ASP.NET with a Microsoft SQL Server back-end for a simulated airline company.

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