Digitize your ops without the expense!

To make the transition to digital you don’t need to outfit every operatory with a monitor and desktop computer tower anymore! Forget about having to rearrange all your cabinets and delivery units in order to make room for the computer and crazy wiring! All you need is an inexpensive phone or tablet. Digitize any operatory, without spending thousands on devices, redesign, and expensive wire hookups!

FutureDent Treatment Plan
FutureDent Diagnosis
Application Features
We Like To Find Simple Solutions To Complex Challenges

Sell Treatment For You

The app automatically categorizes the patient's treatment by severity. Patients can add treatment to their shopping cart just like Amazon.

Lower Your Costs

Setting up operatories with computers and monitors is expensive, but no longer necessary.

Speed Up Treatment Planning

Swipe right on the tooth to treatment plan an RCT or extraction. Swipe left to treatment plan a composite restoration.

Reduce No-Shows

Patients schedule through the app after paying for treatment, increasing patient's rate of return.

Enhance Productivity

The front desk receptionist can instantaneously see treatment being planned and can prepare to offer same day treatment.

Educate patients

Patients can see how treatment delay can cause their recommended treatment to become more severe.

Pricing Plan
Get Awesome Features, Without Extra Charges

With traditional practice management software you have to pay for a license for each device that you will be using. With FutureDent you get support for multiple devices built in, without set-up or network fees!

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$99 / Per Month
  • For offices seeing more than 15 patients a day

Lite Plan

$39 / Per Year
  • For offices seeing up to 15 patients a day